Clubs & Social Activities


Coffee and Conversation

World problems are solved, the news of the day is

shared, neighbors are welcome and friendships

are formed. And donít forget the coffee and

delicious breakfast fare!

Coordinator: Debbie Chokan

Bring your own place setting and a breakfast dish or item to share; please list your intended contribution on the signup sheet.

2nd Tuesday 9:30 to 11:00 am



Dinner Club

Visit new places and familiar favorites, dining

with neighbors and friends somewhere different

each month.

Reservations are limited based on the restaurant's restrictions and are made on a first come, first serve basis.

Coordinator: Jean Szymanski

4th Thursday 6:00 pm, meet at restaurant



Coordinator Shirley Himeback





Ladies meet at the Clubhouse at 8:30 am every Tuesday and car pool to the restaurant of the week.

Coordinator: Rita Ford

Each Tuesday morning at 8:30 am



Ladies That Lunch

Coordinator: Joyce Becraft

Nothing better than lunch out with the girls!

Enough said!

3rd Wednesday of each month

Meet at the Clubhouse at 11:30 am



Movie Night

Coordinators: Marilynn & Ron Koch

Enjoy a new release or old classic in the comfort

of the Clubhouse

Bring your own beverage and popcorn along

1st or 2nd Friday evening at 7:00 pm

Movie titles will be posted to website on Wednesday of the same week.



Pot Luck Dinner

Coordinator: Shirley Himeback

Sharing a meal together fills more than nutritional

needs, itís a smorgasbord of friendship too!

Residents bring their favorite dishes to share,

own beverage and place setting

2nd Tuesday 6:00 pm




Retired Old Men Eating Out Ė or something like

that! (Breakfast out with the guys also works)

Location: Beachcliff Diner

2405 West Erie Ave., Lorain

Coordinator: Chuck Grotsky

Every Tuesday Morning 8:30 am



Travel Club
Chairperson Debbie Chokan



Vine Club

Coordinator: Emma Dinsmoor

Meets on the third Saturday of the month.